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The Top 5 Strapless Bras: Buyers Guide

Generally speaking, bras are built with one key aim. To support your breasts and keep them in place. However, this can be difficult with certain styles, particularly strapless ones. Ideally, you want a strapless bra that remains well hidden, keeps everything in place, does not slip down and stays flush to your chest. As always, this is easier said than done. 

The main thing to remember when shopping for strapless bras, regardless of whether you have a fuller bust or smaller size, you need to know your measurements. If you don’t know your true size, finding a strapless bra that ticks all the boxes is only going to be harder. It doesn’t matter how great the bra is, if you haven’t got the right size, the bra is not going to do the job correctly. 

1)  Wacoal Red Carpet

First on the list of the best strapless bars is the Wacoal Red Carpet. This underwire strapless bra is built to give you the correct shape and support that you need. It comes with lighty pegged seam free cups giving you a rounder shape beneath your clothing. The silicone lining and full wire support, you should always feel protected. This bra is made in particular to support fuller busts with full coverage and complete comfort. This bra is a great accompaniment to almost any dress. 

2) the Wonderbra Ultimate Strapless

Next we have a favourite, particularly amongst those wanting extra support and uplift from their strapless bra. This bra offers smooth moulded cups and a unique structure on the inside of each cup assisting with pushing your breasts up. The silicone surrounding the back provides additional support to make sure you feel fully protected. 

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3) Elomi Smooth Strapless

Third on our buyers guide to strapless bras is the Elomi Smooth Strapless bra. This bra is designed to be extra secure featuring a slide and lock style hook and flexibones. This bra is developed to include a foam moulded cup with matte simplex overlay giving firm support. Specially designed to give a rounded shape to your breasts without digging into the neckline, the elomi strapless is comfortable whilst providing a flattering shape.

4) Wacoal Halo Lace

This is one of our ultimate favourite strapless bras due to its sophisticated yet stunning design. This is a must have for anyone looking for a strapless bra that looks pretty whilst offering great support. The Wacoal Halo Lace bra has been made with elastic along the top of the cup for extra support and is made using stretch lace making it fit flush to your shape. Added benefits of this bra are that it includes multiway straps, seamfree cups and stretch lace for comfort and support.

5) Elila Smooth Longline Strapless

Last but not least is the Elila Smooth Longline Strapless bra. This bra is unique from all of the previous ones we have included in our list due to its longline style. It is a favourite option of ours for an occasion as it features a bodice made from smooth silk that pulls you in to accentuate your curves. The best part is the strapless feature that offers full coverage 3 part cups giving the breasts a rounded perky shape. 

If you are wondering where to find these amazing 5 top strapless bras we have listed we recommend the online lingerie store Bras and Honey which stock all 5 brands.

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We think that just like with clothes, you should have a bra to suit all occasions as after all, the bra is the foundation of an outfit. Without it you won’t be as comfortable and the clothes won’t fit as well. 

Unfortunately, there are many cheaply made, bad strapless bras available on the market that provide shocking fits and just don’t do the job they are meant to.There really is nothing worse than being on a night out and having to constantly pull up your strapless bra because it keeps falling down or you breasts keep falling out. That is why buying a good quality strapless bra is a great investment, it will leave you feeling protected, confident and comfortable. We hope this article has helped give you an insight into some of the great strapless options on the market. Thanks for reading

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