How to Choose a Hairstyle That Matches Your Outfit

A good outfit is made up of a few different elements. While your clothing choice is important and perhaps the most noticeable part of your overall outfit, it’s also necessary to give thought to your choice in shoes, accessories, makeup and hair. The spectrum of hairstyles includes a multitude of different techniques and looks that range from classic to trendy and everything in between. That being said, the choice of which hairstyle to pair with a single outfit can be a difficult one. Here’s a look at matching your hairstyle to your outfit.

Define the Style Category

Though matching a hairstyle to an outfit may seem a little intimidating at first, it’s really all about creating a cohesive look by choosing pieces, colors, shapes and textures that work well together. The hard part might simply be choosing an initial direction or category! If you’re feeling flirty and feminine, go for a girly vibe with soft colors, smooth textures and pretty pieces. You can also switch it up with something dark, edgy and powerful by incorporating sleek fabrics and dark colors. If you’re unsure or stuck somewhere in the middle, you can never go wrong with a classic look full of timeless pieces like simple jeans, a great blouse and your favorite go-to shoes. 

Much like a good closet, your collection of professional hairstyling products should be versatile and include a range of products that will help you create different looks. Once you define your style category for a specific look, you can start thinking about which of your products might be most useful. For instance, if your outfit is full of breezy bohemian pieces that feature flowy, effortless cuts, you might consider using a salon hairspray that allows for lots of movement while keeping shape or a nourishing hair oil that enhances the natural beauty and healthiness of the hair.

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Get Inspired

Once you have decided on a general theme or style category for your outfit, you can start thinking about specific hairstyles that might pair well with certain elements or pieces. In other words, it’s a good idea to pick your outfit before giving hair much thought. This is important because your outfit might include pieces that mesh well with or clash with certain hairstyles. Choosing your outfit before your hairstyle can save you time and energy while you get ready as well as help to avoid a look that appears too overstyled. 

If your look is simple, stunning and full of minimalist pieces, allow those descriptions to influence your hairstyle. For example, you might choose a healthy, shiny look featuring a middle part and hair brushed back into a clean bun or ponytail. On the other hand, you might be in the mood for an outfit full of drama and flair, which calls for a bit more from your hair look. Consider wearing your hair down with a statement accessory like a headband or bold clip that ties the look together. Your hairstyle and outfit go hand in hand, and they should be treated as parts of one another! 

Getting inspired might look a little different for each person. If you’re a social media lover, try to save or screenshot your favorite celebrity hair looks you might like to try. Tear photos out of magazines, search the web and even look around you at people on the street to find hairstyle inspiration for your next great outfit.

Mix and Match

The truth is, there’s no one hairstyle that goes with one outfit, making your hairstyle repertoire and your closet truly versatile and unique no matter what you choose to wear. Here are a few tried and true hairstyles to mix and match with your upcoming outfits:

  • Sleek Ponytail: A nice, shiny ponytail looks great with a date night dress, a dramatic jumpsuit or even a polished athleisure look. Use hairspray to tame flyaways and pair your pony with a set of statement earrings.
  • Textured Waves: For a dimensional look that features movement and body, go for a head of beach-inspired waves. This hairstyle looks great with summer dresses or as a unique addition to an outfit for a night on the town. To get this look, either sleep in braids the night before or brush out freshly ironed curls. Add a professional texture product like dry texture spray to define each wave. 
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Big Blowout: There’s nothing better than leaving the salon with a fresh cut and blowout. If your outfit deserves lots of volume and healthy, touchable shine, use a round brush to dry the hair into semi-curly layers. Pair your fresh blowout with jeans, a cute top and a pair of heels!

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