Nova’s New Hair Product Line

How Fashion Nova’s New Hair Product Line is Increasing the Brand’s Reach

Fashion Nova has been around for less than two decades, but the brand is already making a huge difference in the fashion industry.

In 2013, just seven years after Richard Saghian started the brand, he took it online by creating an Instagram page and online store. He started uploading pictures of his customers wearing his designs and products on Instagram. Within a few months, the Instagram page grew to 60K followers, and Saghian launched the online store.

Since the online store launched, Fashion Nova has grown remarkably. So many people still find it difficult to understand the brand’s rapid growth. In 2018, it was the most-searched fashion brand on Google and one of the best brands on Instagram.

Fashion Nova went from selling clubwear to women in the Panorama store to owning five brick-and-mortar stores across Los Angeles, and selling a variety of clothes and fashion accessories to women, men, and children.

They didn’t stop there. In 2020, Fashion Nova entered the beauty industry with the launch of their first makeup line, Maven Beauty. Thousands of women have already gotten these affordable makeup products and are wearing them on their faces, stepping out of their homes feeling more confident.

The brand decided to take a step further in the beauty industry in less than a year by collaborating with a US-based beauty company to launch a hair product line.

The brand decided to take a step further in the beauty industry in less than a year by collaborating with a US-based beauty company to launch a hair product line.

Fashion Nova’s Partnerships

The beauty industry is a billion dollar business that floods the fashion market every year. Competition is fierce and brands must stand out in order to succeed in that industry. Naturally, Fashion Nova rose to the challenge.

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The business has officially partnered with 14 different makeup and beauty brands to create unique products at affordable prices. Maven Beauty, Fashion Nova’s home beauty brand, offers 82 products on Fashion Nova, all of them make-up or skincare related. Most of their products are also vegan, letting their users feel better about their choices.


Many of these collaborations are partnerships we didn’t know we needed. Whether it’s related to hair, nails, skin, or just glitter, these products offer a fun, clean polish to your Fashion Nova style. There’s something for everyone here.


Fashion Nova Senior Beauty Buyer Marissa Schroeder promised that the brand would always try to partner with names that would bring something to the table for all Fashion Nova customers. “At Fashion Nova, we always look for hot, trending products that can help the customers to look and feel beautiful always,” she said.


Most of these products are easy to use and offer those instant looks that trend on social media. So you can look ready for Instagram and still save time and money beforehand. Fashion Nova CEO Richard Saghian said, “We are transforming into a one-stop shop lifestyle destination.”

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