A One Stop Solution for your makeO-ver Needs

A hero doing a double take when the lead actress walks in, with a smile that could light up a room, skin that could put velvet to shame and hair blowing in the wind, is the most clichéd introductions to female protagonists in Bollywood movies. As clichéd as this scene, do you sometimes have a teeny sliver of hope that you can too, quite literally, put your best foot forward and be able to flaunt flawless skin and a million dollar smile. But at the same time have no time or energy to put this much effort and funds into looking the best you can. makeO truly is then the one stop solution for you.

Do you want to smile candidly but feel conscious because of minor or major teeth alignment problems or yellowing teeth? Do you have dull skin, acne, acne spots, fine lines or unpleasant body hair that is stopping you from wearing certain clothes or showing off your natural skin? makeO is the solution to all these problems with all the effort that’s required at your end is to download the makeO app or visit the makeO website. So, what is makeO, and how does it work like an implausible magic wand? makeO is India’s leading clinical beauty platform which is backed by experts and driven by technology and made affordable so everyone looks and feels their best. makeO is the umbrella that houses toothsi and skinnsi for all your dental and skin care needs.

makeO toothsi can help you fix any and almost all teeth issues giving you the smile that you’ve always coveted. makeO toothsi clear aligners are orthodontist and dentist backed, FDA and ISO approved and so tech savvy that you can correct your misaligned teeth from the comfort of your home or at an experience centre near you. You don’t need to pay exorbitant prices and can choose from multiple finance plans to achieve the results. All you have to do is download the makeO app or visit the makeO website and book a scan. makeO toothsi clear aligners are 3D printed with the measurements from the scan in one of the largest manufacturing facilities in India. makeO toothsi clear aligners are sent to your home and you need not worry about visiting any dentist or orthodontists as any monitoring or support you might need is tracked with the makeO app, virtually. What’s more? Getting the smile you want with makeO toothsi is so affordable and can even be paid with monthly installments. makeO toothsi has already helped design and deliver more than 1,50,000 dream smiles. makeO toothsi also has a range of dental care to further enhance your smile – makeO toothsi electro electronic toothbrush, makeO toothsi spark teeth whitening kit and all the essentials required with your aligners.

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While makeO toothsi takes care of your teeth, makeO skinnsi can help you get the dermatologist care and flawless skin that you’ve always wanted, again, at the comfort of your home or at an experience centre near you, at affordable prices. makeO skinnsi offers

  • laser hair reduction services for freedom from unwanted body hair painlessly with LHR technology
  • a range of dermafacials and hydrafacials, curated by dermatologists to get clearer, smoother, brighter and glowing skin, and
  • a range of skin products to help you achieve and maintain your best looking skin. All you need to do is book the service you require and sit back and relax. The makeO skinnsi team that is dermatologist-trained, uses special sterilised tools and dermatologist approved solutions to ensure instant and best results. They use the highly-advanced and latest US FDA approved HydraTouch machine, unique Korean masks, and safe peels, for you to get the skin you’ve always desired!

makeO toothsi and skinnsi can really offer you the million dollar smile and flawless skin with affordable plans and minimal effort that’ll make all those around you do a double take, guaranteed.

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