Halsey Does Her Own Makeup

Halsey Does Her Own Makeup

Halsey is back in the spotlight after her stint on L’ogue Australia. Gerber just landed yet another big job as the new face of YSL Beauty. At only 17, Halsey is the youngest face (and bo2dy) of YSL Beauty. She is also the youngest of the team (and the only Australian of them, by the way).

YSL Beauty

Halsey started her career as Cosmo from Viacom’s “The New Look” campaign. A YouTube search will show her doing some sort of photo shoot, but the image that captures her unique features was in an issue of L’URE magazine. Halsey had her photo shoot done by Topical Solutions where she had to put on a full face of makeup to get the image right. Halsey then did some more shooting with the same company before heading out for the day on set. She wore the following makeup during filming:

Beauty Consultant

Cosmo’s own makeup was created by Laura LeMay’s Beauty Consultant. Laura developed Cosmo’s line of makeup specifically for Halsey. She created a foundation with shimmer, and pearl finish. This type of foundation goes on so smoothly that it feels like you are wearing no makeup at all. The shimmer adds depth and sparkle and the pearl finish provide a natural finish.

About L’URE magazine

Halsey liked the look of the makeup so much that she asked Laura to make more for Cosmo. Halsey was so impressed by Cosmo’s creation that she offered to feature Cosmo in an upcoming issue of L’URE magazine. Halsey was so impressed with YSL’s creation that she offered to work with YSL full time in order to promote Halsey and Cosmo’s line of cosmetics. Halsey is working closely with YSL as YSL is helping her promote Halsey Does Her Own Makeup by asking Halsey to do a commercial for YSL.

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Halsey is not the only model to have a cover of their own in the past. Tyra Banks was also featured in a YSL ad. Halsey is hoping to have the same type of exposure that Tyra Banks received from her cover of YSL.

About major faces of YSL

Halsey is hoping to become one of the major faces of YSL. She has a strong desire to be like models like Avril Lavigne, editorial models, and women who have achieved successful careers in the modeling industry. Halsey thinks that she has everything that it takes to be successful. Halsey believes that it will take her a great deal of hard work, determination, and persistence just like all other models who have come before her.

About Halsey

Halsey has to overcome the struggles of being a professional model. Halsey is not as successful as Avril Lavigne or Jessica Alba. Halsey is not a brand name model either. Halsey is simply a beautiful and accomplished professional model who has been blessed with excellent genes and the drive to be the best.

Halsey’s blogs

Halsey is currently promoting Halsey makeup on the Internet. Halsey can get paid for Halsey makeup by becoming a sponsored blogger for the brand. Halsey’s blog is drawing traffic and more people are signing up to read Halsey’s blogs and learn about Halsey makeup. If you would like to know more about Halsey and how she makes her own makeup then visit Halsey Does Her Own Makeup now!


To become a professional model, you need to have a portfolio. A portfolio is your resume to industry people. If you have modeling experience, you can sell your portfolio to modeling agencies. However, most aspiring models need to start out on the smaller stage first. If you can’t break into the big time world of fashion, then you will most likely have to go into the modeling internships. The internships will help you build your resume and network with the right people in the industry.

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Halsey does her own make up because she likes to express her own personality through her makeup. She is an independent woman who has the ability to make bold decisions and does not care about how it affects her career. Halsey is able to make bold choices regarding her makeup that makes her stand out from the crowd. Halsey is one of the few celebrity makeup artists who are completely on their own.

Fame and fortune

Halsey is proof that anyone can be a successful celebrity and gain fame and fortune, just as Halsey has done. Halsey’s determination to be a model was fueled by her desire to do her own makeup and be her own version of Angelina Jolie. Halsey has been compared to Angelina Jolie, since they both have red hair and brown eyes. Halsey proves that you don’t have to be a supermodel to be a successful celebrity and gain fame and fortune.

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